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Patients expect a lot from doctors. They expect doctors to be trustworthy and competent, to discuss all treatment options with them, to inform them about mistakes made during the treatment and to put their interests before their own interests. This paper examines how the population of Europe assesses doctors in this respect and whether there are countries where the assessments are similar.
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Manpower and portfolio of European ENT.

Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol 2014 Mar 15;271(3):599-606. Epub 2013 Jun 15.
W Luxenberger, T Lahousen, H Mollenhauer, W Freidl
The aim of this study is to evaluate highly variable ENT manpower among European countries. A descriptive study design is used. Manpower in medicine is highly variable among European countries.

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Cost-related nonadherence to medieations is common among older adults, yet physician-patient communication about medication cost concerns is infrequent. One factor affecting communication and adherence may be older adults' confidence in the information about prescription drugs provided by physicians and other sources.
This study was conducted to identify which source older adults most trust to provide information on drugs and to examine the relationship between older patients' trust in physicians to provide price information and the occurrence of cost-related nonadherence.

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AIDS and medical confidentiality.

Br Med J (Clin Res Ed) 1987 Jun;294(6588):1675-7
R Gillon
In summary, I have argued that the arguments offered or hinted at in favour of doctors' breaking medical confidentiality by passing on information about their patients' HIV state to others, including other doctors, when this is against the patient's considered wishes are generally unconvincing. Although in highly exceptional cases there may be justifications for overriding confidentiality, the requirement of medical confidentiality is a very strong, though not absolute, obligation. Patients, their contacts, doctors and their staff, and the common good are most likely to be best served if that tradition continues to be honoured.

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Russian translations for Cochrane.

Int J Risk Saf Med 2015 ;27 Suppl 1:S112-3
E V Yudina, L E Ziganshina
Cochrane collaboration has made a huge contribution to the development of evidence-based medicine; Cochrane work is the international gold standard of independent, credible and reliable high-quality information in medicine. Over the past 20 years the Cochrane Collaboration helped transforming decision-making in health and reforming it significantly, saving lives and contributing to longevity [1]. Until recently, Cochrane evidence were available only in English, which represents a significant barrier to their wider use in non-English speaking countries.

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