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Author: Zohra Bromand (2)


Discrimination is linked to various health problems, including mental disorders like depression and also has a negative effect on the access to mental health care services. Little is known about factors mitigating the association between ethnic discrimination and mental distress.
The present study examined the extent of the relationship between perceived ethnic discrimination and psychological distress among women of Turkish origin residing in Berlin, and explored whether this association is moderated by acculturation strategies while controlling for known predictors of distress in migrant populations.

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Stimuli that are regularly associated with alcohol intake (AI) may acquire incentive salience, while other reinforcers can be devalued. We assessed whether brain activation elicited by (1) alcohol associated, (2) affectively positive, and (3) negative versus neutral stimuli is associated with the subsequent risk of relapse.
Twelve detoxified alcoholic subjects (6 women and 6 men) and 12 age-matched and gender-matched healthy control subjects were assessed with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and a fast single-event paradigm using standardized affective and alcohol-associated pictures.

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